Friday, March 09, 2007

Atha Shree Mahabharat Katha

Hmm..... "twing..."

May Samay hu
Aur may aaj aapko Mahabharat Katha sunane jaata hu
Katha Maharaj Pandu se suru nahi hoti
Yeh katha Maharaj Shantanu se bhi suru nahi hoti....

Actually the katha begins when we thought of getting a home theater system. We went to both Best Buy and Circuit City and the sales-person tried to sell me probably the most expesive thing on his list - boney ka samay tha! But I, being the smart person that I am (with a smug smirk on my face), went along and bought a PC speaker instead with a cheap s-video cable. I got one of the higher end PC speaker system, still cheaper than a home theater system, but one that could do a 5.1 surround sound output. I hooked it to my PC and ran the s-video from the PC to the TV. Now I have a poor mans (I should say persons I suppose) home theater system.

Anyway, now that we had this system, we had to try watching something. I'd rather not go to Blockbuster, I think I still have a couple of buck in fine to pay. Hindi movie DVD's are hard to come by. So the alternative is the internet. Thank god or maybe Al Gore for the internet, life is much more bearable and manageable because of it. And you can watch movies too. So anyway, go to, ton's of Hindi movies and guess what Mahabharat.

One of the first movies that we watched was Mainey Pyaar Kiya with Salmaan Khaan. Hehehe, we did not have anything else for enetertaintement that, and this cheesy movie had to do. But Bhagyashree still looks gorgeous. I will have to write a separate entry about that. But I digress. We started watching Mahabharat from the very first episode. Something that I had never done when the series originally aired (twice or maybe three times at that) and also when people would bring videos of episodes and would watch with laddoo and dhoop in front of the TV, with all the neighbourhood in the living room. Well, the series is pretty interesting and surpsrisingly well made. Of course ther is some overacting with full fledged bathos, but even then the story is engrossing enough.

Especially in the early episodes, there is a lot of talk about loktantra. I wonder if it is there in the original story or if it was added later, the director and the script writers interpretation, I suppose.

Morever, the story itself is intersting. Rishi Vyas, or whomever wrote that story, did have a tenous imagination. To think that both Dhritarashtra and Pandu (not Golays dog) were born out of wedlock, I mean, I knew that Rishi Vyas had something to do with their birth, but exactly what, I realized only after watching the series this time. If that sort if thing went on on royal families at more puritanical age, one can only wonder what goes on now. I am inclined to believe all the rumors that goes flying around about our own (hopefully soon to be ex-) royal family. Well, anyway, the story and script of the series is pretty tight and worth wasting the 60 odd hours. Damn, I should have learned a little bit of Sanskrit.....

Atha shri Mahabharat katha
katha hai purushartha ki,
yeh swartha ki, parimartha ki
saarathi jiske baney
Shri Krishna Bharat partha ki
shabda dighoshit huwa
jab satya sarthak sarwatha

Yada yada hi dharmasya
glanirbhawati bharata
abhyuthanam adharmasya
tadatmanum shrijamyaham
paritranaya sadhu naam
binashaya cha-dushkritam
dharma santhapan-arthaya
sambhawami yuge yuge........


Anonymous said...

Well I actually was fond of the way they used to shoot the arrows, and the looks on their faces when Divyastras would eventually beaten up by Bramhastras. And my oh my they got arrows of all the shapes, cobra, lion, women, you name it. Another funny thing about the televised Mahabharat was Krishnaji. The ever smiling SOB, something Bhardwaj. And what about Nakul and Sahadev ? hehe they were there just for mere formality, weren't they? But well, it was a good show at that time and I still remember Sunday mornings when you could see people everywhere on their 'chhats' adjusting their TV antennas.

Anonymous said...

अथा श्री महाभारत कथा
कथा है पुरुषार्थ की
ये स्वार्थकी, परिमार्थकी
सारथी जिसके बने
श्री कृष्ण भारत पार्थकी
शब्द द्विघोषित हुवा
जब सत्य सार्थक सर्वथा
यदायदा हे धर्मश्य
ग्लानिरभवति भारत
अभ्युथानुम अधर्मश्य
तदात्मनुम श्रिजन्म्यहम
परित्रानय साधुनम
विनाशय चादुशकृतम
धर्म सन्तापन अर्थय
सम्भवनी युगे युगे

aadit said...

mula bahun .... balla sanskrit sikne ichhya jagyo talai ... budhesh kaal ma mahabharat herera

Chhauri said...

hey thanks for the devanagiri writeup. i'm too lazy to do that. hehehe, and dalley, ah well, the baun thinks therefore he is ; !